Coco will be retiring this year, and her girls, Bubble & Misto, who were born here at Sunnybelle Shih Tzus are already having beautiful babies with our dark chocolate stud Gable.

Truffle is our new darker AKC Chocolate Shih Tzu girl who will step in when Coco retires. She will breed to our handsome Guy for more gorgeous chocolate babies!

We have added a new page for Gable! His name is Sunnybelle's Small Dark & Handsome.  We call him "Gable" because my mother always said that Clark Gable was the original "tall, dark & handsome" from the 1930's!  He is already proven now after siring a litter of puppies with Bubble & Misto this year. We are looking forward to more beautiful babies with Lady Anne & Gable in June 2019!


When you purchase a Sunnybelle Shih Tzus 

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We love our family of Tzus!

Bubble, Misto, Lady Anne & Beau are Imperial size (6-7 lbs) & Coco, Truffle, Gable & Guy are in the Standard size range (9-11 lbs.)  All are AKC registered Shih Tzu & have such great personalities!

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Welcome to Sunnybelle Shih Tzus!

    We love raising our AKC Chocolate & Orange Liver Shih Tzu puppies!

    Coco Truffle, our AKC Liver (Chocolate) Shih Tzu girl has 2 AKC Champions in her 5 generation pedigree and is a solid non-fading chocolate.  She loves her babies & is a great mom!  She will retire in 2019 after her July litter.  We have Bubble & Misto now, her daughters. 

    Guy, our handsome AKC Liver (Chocolate) stud, is such a sweet boy & has a beautiful soft coat in many shades of chocolate, orange & cream.  He has 2 AKC Champions in his 5 generation pedigree.  Guy carries small lines & passes this down to his pups.

    Bubble is our darling AKC Liver (Chocolate) Shih Tzu girl born here at Sunnybelle Shih Tzus.  She is from our Coco & Guy and is a dark chocolate girl weighing 6lbs.  She is such a cutie and loves to play.  She is a great combination of both of her parents.

    Gable is our new handsome AKC Chocolate Shih Tzu stud.  He has a super thick dark chocolate coat and the sweetest personality!  He is 11 lbs but can produce smaller lines as well as standard. His sire is 5 lbs. and dam is 8 lbs. and both are very dark chocolate. Gable carries for cream liver as well as dark chocolate but only our Bubble can have the cream liver with him.

    We have held back 2 girls (Misto & Lady Anne) that were born here to be new mommies in 2019.  They will be breeding to Gable since Guy is their sire.  We have also added Truffle, our newest Chocolate girl who will be our 4th breeding female. We will create their pages soon!

    We have retired our beautiful Belle who is a wonderful APRI Gold & White Shih Tzu.  Belle was our first Shih Tzu who started it all!  Belle's puppies have all been beautiful & sweet like she is!  Belle now sleeps in Sunny's room & watches over all the other Tzus in the house.

    Gabby, our beautiful & dark AKC Liver Chocolate girl, is recently retired living with her forever family in Maryland.  She is 7 lbs and is Coco's 1/2 sister sharing the same dark chocolate mom.  We held back her daughter Lady Anne who is a deep red liver sable.

    Our AKC Black Shih Tzu, Gigi, is also retired so we will no longer have her beautiful black Shih Tzu puppies.  Gigi is now living in her forever home here in Texas with one of Belle's past puppies.  Cap is also retired and lives in Louisiana in a great home with his friendly little daughter, Lucy.  We couldn't have asked for better families for these Tzus!  Poppins is also recently retired and has found her forever home with a Vet tech who fell in love with her.

    We are excited about sharing our beautiful Shih Tzu puppies with you & filling your home with lots of love!  All our puppies are AKC registered Shih Tzus!

See ABOUT US page for more!

A few words about us


​​We are looking forward to NEW COLORS like reds, golds, oranges & creams, in addition to our gorgeous chocolate babies!

Lady Anne & Gable delivered 4 gorgeous pups 6-11-19!

Coco delivered 3 pups July 3rd!  We are holding back a chocolate girl since Bubble is getting older too.

Our new AKC RED Shih Tzu stud named "Beau" is the sweetest!

We love our beautiful puppies! 

Sunnybelle Shih Tzus