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update:  gabby has now found her perfect family in maryland. she will be queen bee, loved & spoiled.  it's a perfect match!

Gabby is our 2 year old female AKC dark chocolate Shih Tzu that we retired early and have already spayed.  We decided to retire her early after she had complications delivering her puppies.  Gabby loves people and attention and I knew that she would love being someone’s best friend in a pet home.  She loves her toys and playing with our male Shih Tzu but sometimes gets “bossy” with a couple of our female Tzus who want to be the “boss” as well.  Because of this I’m wanting her to go to a pet home where she is the only dog, or at least the only girl in the house. She does love to play and I think would get along well with a submissive male dog.  Any time you rehome a dog you introduce them carefully and supervise until you know everyone trusts each other. 
Gabby is potty trained to go outside or use a potty pad.  When you bring an adult dog into your home you need to focus on teaching them your “house & potty rules.”  You’ll want to watch her & take her out frequently like you would do if potty training a puppy.  I use newspapers on my tile floor as a potty pad for her to use when I’m away from home or can’t take her outside.  She usually holds it knowing that we will go outside regularly, but will use the pad if I don’t take her every several hours.  She looks at me to tell me, “I’ve got to GO!” or “I’m hungry.”  If I don’t read her signal, then she’ll go on the potty pad instead of continuing to wait.
My pups are all $2500-2700 and Gabby is still very young with a good long life ahead of her.  I’d like to get at least $2000 for her because she’s already trained and spayed.  I’ve also paid for an allergy test so her new owner will know exactly what foods are good or bad for her.  Many dogs develop allergies if fed the same thing without rotating.  So we rotate her food every 4 months.  She’s eating Instinct Limited Ingredient Turkey right now.  Then she will switch to the same brand of Limited Ingredient Lamb.  There’s another food that is also Limited Ingredient Pork by Zignature.com.
I have about $3500 at least invested in our sweet Gabby.  I’m flexible on the price if I find the right home for her.  It’s not about the money as much as the perfect fit....but I truly need to think about reimbursing the vet costs and the cost of the replacement momma taking her place earlier than planned.  I chose to spay her early because I thought it was the best thing for her.  I knew she would love being a pet in someone’s home.  I just want her to have the best home we can find.
I’m not in a big hurry to rehome Gabby because I’m working with my natural vet here to see how she responds to the food rotation non-allergy diet.  I want to see that her itching is under control without resorting to medicines like Apoquel.  Many Shih Tzu have skin itching issues so it’s typical for them to scratch.  Bathing often will help and of course keeping fleas under control.  But if they’ve been eating grains or proteins that they are allergic to, hopefully that itching can be controlled or reversed with a better diet.  So I’m working with Gabby now.  She’s healed from her spay surgery and very happy in my kitchen. 
If you are interested in adopting Gabby and giving her the love and attention she deserves, please text or call me so that I can meet you over the phone.  I am going to be very selective in chosing the right home for her.  She is such a good little companion, riding in the car places or sitting beside me while I’m relaxing at home.  We will miss her but I know that she deserves to be a princess in her own special home.  My number is 903-520-7659.  We live in East Texas and would use a Pet Nanny to deliver Gabby (as we use for our puppies.)  Her fee is $400.  I'm happy to drive to Dallas to meet you at the airport if you prefer to come get her.  Of course, you are always welcome to come and get her in my home if you are close enough to drive here.


 (spayed-pet only):

No available adult Shih Tzu at this time.

We love all of our Shih Tzu girls & boys!  We have some who have stayed here in our home after their breeding years end, and others who have moved to their own special home with loving families.  We do not usually advertise our Tzus who are retiring but have been blessed by finding homes for them as God sends just the right person along.  Please call us if you are interested in adopting one of our sweet adults.  Each Shih Tzu has it's own personality and we want to be very selective in matching the right person with the right dog.

Sunnybelle's Style Icon AKA "Gabby" Born July 22, 2016.