​​Sunnybelle Shih Tzus


CAP is our adorable AKC Chocolate Shih Tzu stud and is a heartbreaker already!  He has a compact little body with a super thick & dark chocolate coat and a high set cute little nose!  His eyes twinkle and he loves to play!  Cap is 6.5 lbs and produces various shades of chocolate pups with our girls & even parti-colored Liver & White pups with our Poppins (she is from a Liver & White sire.)

His friendly personality & cuteness both pass down to his puppies.  We love our Captain of Hearts!  He definitely has our heart already!

You can see in his beard that Cap has the banding gene.  His coat color grows out in bands or different shades of chocolate.  We will be getting a color DNA on Cap & Guy soon so we will have a better idea of the puppies they will both produce.

Sunnybelle's Captain of Hearts ~ AKC Liver Shih Tzu

We call him "Cap!"  He's our adorable new stud!

Cap has such a cute cobby body with short legs and great comformation!  He is the total package!  A real heartbreaker!