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♥ We love our Shih Tzus

and know you will too! ♥

We love our puppies here at Sunnybelle Shih Tzus, and
we know that you will continue to give your new baby the same tender love and care that they received here at Sunnybelle’s.

We are always here to help answer any questions you have.

We want you to be 100% happy and have a wonderful experience with your new puppy.

All puppies are AKC registered.

We recommend you spay/neuter your puppy if you do not intend to breed.

We do our best to prevent umbilical hernias but they are very common with the Shih Tzu breed. They are not life threatening and can be repaired surgically, if necessary, at the same time of spay/neuter. 

Shih Tzu commonly snort, sniffle, and snore. A clear discharge is normal, especially when the puppy is teething. Tight nostrils are very common and normally open and correct as your puppy matures. Open fontanels (soft spots in the skull) are also common, and usually close as
your puppy matures.  Most Shih Tzu do not require surgical repair for these issues. If your Vet recommends repair, it is best to do at the time of spay or neuter.  I do not cover any type of vet bills.


Monies are non-refundable.

*When puppies are born, we will call you to confirm that you still want this puppy.  You'll need to confirm your decision the day of the puppy's birth, or we will move on to call the next person in line on our Waiting List.

*Half of the total balance is due the first week of puppy’s birth. *Remaining balance is due 2 weeks before puppy is delivered, unless we have agreed to accept cash at time of pickup.

*Contract will be terminated & puppy relisted for sale if each payment is not paid by the said due dates.

*By placing a deposit, you agree to all the terms and conditions of this contract. 

Health Warranty:

A 2 Year After Sale Replacement Warranty is given for life threatening congenital disease limited to the heart, liver, and kidneys.

A notarized Veterinarian Report with findings stating, to a medical certainty, that death was caused from prenatal state will be required, sent by registered mail to seller.

All vet bills are solely the buyer’s responsibility. Seller’s veterinarian must confirm and agree with the diagnosis. The seller will then give buyer a replacement puppy of equal value from the next available litter.

All warranty will be terminated if puppy does not have up to date medical records, vaccinations, fecal records, or if the puppy was found to be neglected or abused, or if the dog has produced offspring. 

This contract does not cover hernias, patella problems, pinched nostrils, hypoglycemia, or diseases which vaccinations can prevent or cause. 

*Warranty only applies to the original buyer. 

*Warranty is not transferable if the puppy is sold.

*The seller assumes no cost for shipping associated with the sale or replacement warranty. 

​To the best of the seller’s knowledge and belief, this puppy is in good, sound health, free from symptoms of contagious and infectious diseases at time of sale.

**Buyer agrees to have the puppy checked by Vet within 72 hours after the buyer receives the puppy. A copy of this initial vet report must be sent to the seller within 30 days of purchase in order to activate the health warranty.** 

No further health guarantee is made or implied. If the buyer believes this puppy to be sick, the puppy should be taken immediately to a veterinarian of the buyer’s choice at the buyer’s expense.

As of date of delivery, the puppy has received proper vaccinations and deworming. This warranty does not cover diseases which vaccinations could prevent (or cause) or hypoglycemia. Buyer has been informed of puppy’s need for shots & how to prevent hypoglycemia & parvo.

Seller assumes no responsibility for medical expenses, allergies, infection, illness or ANY OTHER undesirable circumstances once the dog has left the seller’s premises.

Buyer agrees the puppy will remain on a regular vet schedule and live inside the buyer’s home. Buyer agrees the puppy won’t be housed outside for long periods of time.

If the puppy is sold with Full AKC (breeding rights) the seller does not guarantee the puppy’s fertility, breeding success, or show success. All expenses incurred with breeding and showing are solely the buyer’s responsibility.

Seller cannot guarantee the size or color the puppy will be when the puppy matures. This is only estimated based on the seller’s experience. No guarantee is made or implied.

If puppy is purchased as a pet (Limited AKC Registration,) buyer agrees to spay/neuter and agrees not to use this puppy for breeding or stud.

*Buyer agrees not to do a PayPal charge back for any reason. Any legal action taken or any disputes, or litigations regarding this purchase will be handled in Smith County, Tyler, Texas, USA at the buyer’s expense.

*If you pay in full for a puppy and circumstances arise where you cannot take your puppy, you have one year to pick another puppy of equal value or forfeit your full payment. This is a NO refund policy.

**By placing a deposit, you agree to all the terms and conditions of this contract.**

♥ A ShihTzu will fill your 
home with love
​and friendship,
​and steal
your heart!♥

When you want to send a deposit to be on our

Waiting List for a Sunnybelle Shih Tzu puppy, please CALL US FIRST, then click on the button that says

"Puppy Contract & Warranty-CLICK HERE."

You can TEXT or CALL us at 903-520-7659

Read & Print out contract, Sign & Mail to us with your Deposit.

  You can text us for instructions if you prefer to use PayPal & electronically send your contract.  We will sign & give you a copy with your puppy for your records. It will also be your Receipt and show your puppy PAID IN FULL.


We only ship by Pet Nanny, or we will meet you personally at the Dallas airport if you choose to fly and pick up your puppy.  You are always welcome to drive to our home and pick up your puppy here.

​​Sunnybelle Shih Tzus