This orange squeaky ball is Gable's FAVORITE toy! 

Sunnybelle's Small Dark and Handsome ~ AKC Liver Shih Tzu

We call him "Gable!"

GABLE is our handsome solid dark chocolate boy!  He is very attentive to people and gets along well with our other dogs!  Gable loves lying at my son's feet whenever he walks in the room and always rolls over for a tummy rub when we reach down to pet him. When he was a puppy, he looked forward to my son coming home when he would scoop him up and play with him on the couch every day!  He is a happy-go-lucky boy and really prefers people's attention, (except when our girls come in heat. . .then he's totally focused on being the ladies man. 

Gable passes his super thick coat down to his pups and has given us stunning dark chocolate AKC Liver Shih Tzu puppies with our Bubble, (as well as gorgeous creams and orange livers with Misto!) We recently bred him to Lady Anne for the first time, and although we are still waiting to see if the pregnancy took, we can't wait to see what gorgeous colors they throw together! ​ 

Our handsome boy!

Sunnybelle Shih Tzus