​​Sunnybelle Shih Tzus


Gigi & Guy delivered beautiful solid black puppies, as well as solid chocolate, orange liver & gold with black mask pups on

March 15, 2016!

Gigi has adorable eyes, is very smart and loves to sit in my lap or ride in the car with me.  Her puppies will be so gorgeous with great personalities & deep set dark colors!​  

GIGI is our beautiful AKC Solid Black female who has 12 champions in her 5 generation pedigree!

She had a Solid Black mother and a Dark Chocolate father making her a Liver Carrier. When bred to a Liver male, there is a 50/50 chance of Liver pups or Black pups.

Her solid black gene produces very dark Chocolate pups & as a bonus we get some beautiful solid black puppies too!

Gigi & Guy have also had some gold w/black mask pups & solid silver puppies!  Gigi is now retired and will be a wonderful companion! 

 Sunnybelle's Gorgeous Girl ~ AKC Black Shih Tzu

We call her "Gigi!"