​​Sunnybelle Shih Tzus


Guy's sire is a Solid Black Silver with a handsome face!

We have bred our Guy to Coco & Truffle for gorgeous Shih Tzu puppies!  Their pups were dark solid chocolate, orange liver sable, & some took after him with the cream under chocolate! (see our Waiting List page for availability!)

Guy's sire ~"Grayson"  7lbs.

Guy's dam ~ "Reese" 7lbs.

GUY IS HANDSOME & WANTS TO PLEASE!  We love his sweet face, pretty eyes, adorable personality and his beautiful color.  Guy's thick coat is many shades of caramel chocolate with dark chocolate ears & mustache. When his coat is cut shorter he looks like coffee with a lot of cream!  Guy "shrinks his puppies" with all our girls. They range from 5-11 lbs.    Guy produces both lighter & darker shades of AKC Chocolate & Orange Liver Sable Shih Tzu puppies. 

 Guy has a cobby body, short legs, & such a cute face.  He passes his smaller size to his puppies (both his parents are 7 lbs.) 

Guy's dam is an AKC Liver (solid chocolate, but looks lighter when cut short) named Gizmo 

called "Reese."

Sunnybelle's "I'm The Guy" ~ AKC Liver Shih Tzu

We call him our "Guy!"   He's our handsome Stud!