​​Sunnybelle Shih Tzus


These 2 beautiful AKC Black Shih Tzu girls were from Gigi & Guy's 3-15-16 litter also.

​​Gigi & Guy's sweet little AKC Orange Liver boy born 3-15-2016.  Gorgeous 2-toned liver.

Gigi & Guy 2015 ~ ​AKC Solid Black Shih Tzu puppies

Gigi & Guy March 15, 2016 ~ ​AKC Solid Black & Liver Shih Tzu puppies

Poppins & Cap's AKC Chocolate Shih Tzu litter December 2016

Scroll to the botton to see our most current past puppies.  We started with Belle's puppies and then gradually began our AKC Chocolate Shih Tzu lines as the years passed.  Now we only have AKC Chocolate or Orange Liver Shih Tzu puppies in Standard size and Imperial size.  Our Facebook page is where you'll see our most current babies.

Lil' Neb is also from Coco & Guy's 3-30-2016 litter of all Solid Dark Chocolate AKC Liver Shih Tzu puppies!  The 5 boys looked so much alike that we had to use colored ribbons to tell them apart! They ranged from 6-11 lbs. as adults.

Coco & Guy's AKC Chocolate Shih Tzu litter November 2016

This is Little Dan from Coco & Guy's 3-30-2016 litter.  He was one of 5 boys and the only one with a white tuxedo marking on his chest.  He has beautiful eyes and a high set nose and is so friendly!  

Coco & Romeo AKC Chocolate litter ~ Born 1-1-2015

​​Coco & Romeo January 2015

​AKC Liver (Chocolate) Shih Tzu puppies

Belle & Dutch 2014 APRI Shih Tzu litter

Honey & Romeo 2014 AKC Liver & White Shih Tzu litter!

Stephanie wrote to a friend on Facebook: "Thank you!!! She is sooooo smart! The best breeder EVER, Molly Featherston Bodenhamer, had her paper trained and she was very content in her crate last night! No crying. She is a Shih Tzu."

After having Piper Rose spayed, Stephanie wrote: "Piper Rose is 6 mos old now and she weighs 8 lbs. growing like a little weed. She is the smartest puppy we have ever had!! Potty training was a BREEZE!!!! She's feeling better today after her surgery, still not eating much, but taking her pain meds without hesitation. Such a sweet girl!"

We got to hand deliver these 2 puppies to their very excited new families!

We were really a little sad to see them go since we had grown so attached to them ourselves!  

But they both got such a great family who loves them that it made it a bit easier!

"Brody" went to live with Lisa in Idaho.  He has another Shih Tzu friend he gets to play with along with lots of kids!  Lisa was so pleased with our healthy & clean breeding program.  She had been looking for a reputable breeder for some time and was so happy to find us!  We are thankful for her great recommendation!

It was love at first sight when "Piper Rose" got to meet her new family!  She now lives with Stephanie & her husband in Allen, TX and has lots of children who love on her too!  She was already on the road to potty training when they got her that they were amazed!  She now rings the bell on their door to let them know she needs to go outside!  Of course, Stephanie is so consistent that potty training was a breeze!

Lots of T.L.C. goes into each and every litter of puppies at Sunnybelle Shih Tzus!  We start the weaning process at about 5-6 wks old.  We soak our puppy food in water and then blend it and offer it on our finger.  If the puppy licks it off, we know they are ready to begin the weaning process.  By about 8 weeks the puppies are completely weaned off of their mother's milk and eating dry food.  We leave a bowl of dry food out all the time as well as a water bottle during the weaning process. 

Belle is our APRI White & Gold Shih Tzu.  She has black points (nose, lips, pads, eye rims) so she is not a Liver Shih Tzu.  We bred her to Frisco who was a Liver Shih Tzu with a very light golden coat and green eyes.  Since Belle is not a liver carrier, her puppies will always have the black points, not Liver.  Belle has a very sweet & loving, playful personality!  She is like an eternal puppy!  She has big beautiful eyes and a very thick double coat.  Belle has the most beautiful & sweet natured puppies!

Belle & Red ~ 2013 Litter 

Belle & Frisco ~ 2012 Litter