​​Sunnybelle Shih Tzus


Misto & Gable 

  Misto & Gable have had beautiful Cream Liver & Orange Liver Sable puppies as well as Chocolate pups.  Both Misto & Gable have sweet personalities & their babies are wonderful!  Gable & Misto carry the Cream recessive gene.

Misto & Gable are expecting in December 2020..  Misto's following litter is estimated around July 2021.

Mocha & Gable

Mocha was born here at Sunnybelle Shih Tzus from our Coco & Guy.  She is 9lbs and is a double chocolate on her color DNA panel.  Mocha is friendly, loves to give kisses & play with all our Tzus.  She & Gable had beautiful chocolate babies in October 2020.

We will repeat this same breeding in early Summer of 2021.

Haddie & Guy​

Haddie is our AKC Solid Black Shih Tzu girl.  She is a friendly & smart girl who loves everyone.  Guy is our "always happy boy" and we are looking forward to seeing the cute puppies they will have together.  Haddie & Guy should have solid chocolate, soild black & orange sable or gold puppies.  Noses will be either black or liver.


Haddie is one of our only Shih Tzu who carries the parti gene, so when we add our new stud who carries parti, we may see some beautiful parti colors like Liver & White and Black & White from Haddie in the future.

We are expecting for Haddie & Guy to have puppies sometime around February 2021.

Bubble & Gable surprised us with one AKC CREAM Liver baby girl!  Bubble is now retired & her double chocolate sister Mocha will take her place.

Sunnybelle's Small Dark & Handsome "Gable" is our dark chocolate AKC Liver Shih Tzu STUD who has joined our Shih Tzu family!  

He is super cuddly with a sweet personality, a nice soft chocolate coat, and an adorable face!   Gable is 10.9 lbs. and his parents are 5lbs and 8lbs.  He has had beautiful AKC Shih Tzu puppies with Bubble, Misto & Haddie.

Truffle & Guy

They delivered adorable solid chocolate & orange liver sable AKC Shih Tzu pups in January & September 2020. Their next litter will most likely arrive around May 2021..

See our Waiting List page & call us for more information on our future  planned litters: 

 Sunnybelle's "I'm The Guy" is one of our handsome AKC Liver Shih Tzu  STUDS.

​Guy has a beautiful thick coat, perfect bite, cute face & a cobby little body.  He has the sweetest temperment & produces smaller pups.  Guy has had gorgeous puppies in various shade of chocolate & orange liver with our Shih Tzu girls. 

$100 deposit holds your place in line for a sweet puppy!

Coco is now retired & staying here with us!

Our Future Planned Litters

$100 holds your spot for a female or male puppy~If we don't produce your puppy, you may transfer to another litter.  Half payment is due the first week of the birth of your puppy, then the balance is due 2 weeks BEFORE our Pet Nanny delivers, or in cash on the day you pick up your puppy.  (Deposit applies to total price)

Coco is now retired but her daughters & granddaughter are continuing her legacy. We have Misto & Mocha who are currently breeding to our Gable now.  Their sister Bubble is already retired.  We also have Coco's new baby granddaughter just born in 2020 who will stay here with us as well.