Pamper Your Puppy: Show your puppy extra love ♥

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND buying a tube of Nutri-Cal to have on hand when you travel with your new puppy & get them home.  This helps to prevent hypoglycemia & keeps their blood sugar level from dropping when stressed from a new environment.

Small size for Imperial Shih Tzu

3ml regular tip general purpose syringe for administering medicine

Our Tzus LOVE gnawing on these antlers. Having these around keeps them from chewing the legs of our kitchen table or other no-nos!  

​​NuVet Plus® immune system builder -

One of our favorite ways to nourish our dogs, these power-packed wafers help fight disease-causing free radicals, improve your Tzu's coat, fill in any nutritional gaps, and improve their overall health.

As a bonus, one wafer broken into tiny pieces makes the perfect healthy treat for training puppies! Our Tzus will do just about anything for NuVet—they love it! ♥

27 x 32" washable potty pads

Fromm Gold Small Breed Adult  5lb

1" wide collar & leash set 

Groom Your Puppy: Our favorite tools

Breeder Tools: Resources for breeders

Keep your puppy warm on chilly days with these adorable puppy jackets! 

Suggested Sizing:

XS for 6-8lb Imperial Shih Tzu

S for 9-12lb Standard Shih Tzu 

Large waterproof pad (we love putting this larger size inside exercise pen) Buy TWO-one to wash & one to use!

XS size is my favorite for our Shih Tzu puppies

Dog food container to keep your food fresh!

SUnnybelle favorites

20 x 27" washable potty pads 

Play With Your Puppy: Our favorite toys

Probiotics for gut health - 60 pack

We love these rolled leather collars for our Shih Tzu!  It helps prevent their long coats from getting tangles like the flat collars cause.  Bubble & our smaller 6-7lb Shih Tzu girls need the small size that is the 9-10", but Belle and our other Standard size Shih Tzus need the medium size which is 14" long.

Grooming kit for shaping (scissors, comb, thinning shears)

Small size in colored or white

Fromm Heartland Gold Grain Free Puppy 4lb

Tight, braided chew toys are great for your puppy's dental health!

Travel With Your Puppy: Take your Tzu with you! ♥

Probiotics for gut health - 30 pack

Harness & leash set 

Medium size is nice for older Shih Tzu

Spray for cooling clippers (clippers can get hot and burn your puppy)

Crate insert for comfort 

Improve Your Puppy's Health: Our favorite nourishing supplements 

5 Size Clipper Blade (for closer cut) 

6ml regular tip general purpose syringe (can use for feeding)

Fromm Puppy Gold 15lb


Humidifier (if you are in a moist climate)

Sunny & I had so much fun setting up this new page for you all!  We added our comments about WHY we love these products and tried to group them in a way that made sense.  We carefully chose our very favorite things that we use with our own Shih Tzus.  Not only will this help you in getting ready for your new puppy, but you can return here as many times as you'd like to re-order your OWN favorite things.

3½ Size Clipper Blade (for longer puppy cut)

Great clippers for grooming at home

Train Your Puppy: Our favorite tools & resources

Air purifier

Feed Your Puppy: Our favorite foods

½" wide 2' long CUTE leash 

*Disclosure: the links on this page are affiliate links, so if you go through them to make a purchase, we will earn a commission. We only recommend high quality products we use in our own home for our own sweet Tzus, and our hope is for this page to be a helpful resource to you! We appreciate your support, as it helps us reinvest in our business and dogs!

Crate for potty training-adjusts as puppy grows 

(Use code 86223 when prompted)

Cozy blankets to curl up with or even monogram with your puppy's name!

Fromm Puppy Gold 5lb

Hemostat for pulling ear hair (prevents infection)

Weighing your dog monthly is wise to track their health.

Sunnybelle Shih Tzus

Because we get asked so often "What do I need to buy for my new puppy?" we decided to put all our favorite things in ONE SPOT for easy access and convenience. 

Medium size for Standard Shih Tzu

Exercise pen (we love using this pen for contained play) 

These Booda Rope toys are our FAVORITE!  They are great for training your new puppy to NOT CHEW YOUR FINGERS.  Every time you pick up your puppy have one of these rope toys in your hand.  When the pup tries to chew on your fingers say "No, but THIS is a good puppy" while sticking the rope in their mouth instead.  You want to train them by saying NO to fingers, toes, shoes or anything you don't want them chewing on, but always offer something as an alternative saying "But THIS is a good puppy instead!" 

Disposable potty pads