​​Sunnybelle Shih Tzus


You may pay only your initial deposit using PayPal if you'd like to use your credit card.  If you choose to use PayPal, please add 5% fee to the deposit (ex:  $100+$5=$105 pmt).  

You are welcome to send a cashiers check or personal check.  Call me so I can get to know you and what you are wanting, then we will do our best to match you with the puppy that is the best fit for you.

Don't worry about being further down on the list!

Our Waiting List will be updated as people get their new puppies.  

Putting your deposit down puts you in line for that special phone call when pups are born, and insures you WILL get a call when pups are available.

You can tell me what color and size you are wanting & I'll do my best to match you up with the right litter. There is no way for me to guarantee color or size though in reality so I do appreciate your understanding in this matter.  

When puppies are born, we will call our Waiting List according to the date your deposit was received, and your description of the puppy you requested.  You will need to confirm that day if you want a pup from the available litter and then 1/2 of your balance will be due within 7 days of your puppy's birth.   

If there is a choice to be made between two or more puppies in a litter, your puppy pick will need to be made by the time the puppy is 3-4 weeks old.    

If at any time you change your mind and do not take the puppy you requested, you forfeit your deposit and/or any payments you have made. Our Waiting List is for serious puppy buyers only.  

As a breeder, I reserve the right to pick a male or female from any litter before my Waiting List chooses.  Thank you all for understanding!

Our Waiting List is by deposit only and puts you in line to be called when our puppies arrive.  We listen to your preferences & try to match you up with the right litter.  

My current waiting list:​​

Deposits for Females:  

Amelia in TX-(dk color-open to boy)-Jun '19​​

Tracy in WV-(dk choc-wait 2021)-Jan '20

​Diana in TX-(standard-black nose)-Feb '20

Sarah in VA-(red or open to color)-Apr '20​​​

​Stephanie in MD-(cream or black)-Jun '20

​Stuart in NY-(no cream or blk)-Jun '20

Karesa in TX-(dk choc)-Jun '20

Yesenia in PA-(any shade choc)-Jul '20

Monica in TX-(sm dk choc or blk)-Jul '20

Madison in TX-(sm dk choc)-Jul '20

Robyn in AZ-(dk choc)-Aug '20

Jennifer in MD-(choc)-Sept '20

Ashton in TX-(after Jul'21-open to color/boy)-Oct '20

Sherrie in MI-(dk choc)-Oct '20

Vicki in CO-(black only)-Dec '20

Carey in VA-(open to color/boy-Fall '21)-Dec '20​​

​Mei Lin in CA-(choc/tux, Misto color-open Boy)-Jan '21

Stacey in TX-(choc-waiting till 2022)-Jan '21

​Gwen in MS-(cream)-Feb '21

​Kay in AZ-(open to color-no parti)-Mar '21

Lauren in CO-(choc-Misto/Mocha/Gable)-Mar '21

Sheila in KY-(choc or parti-open)-Mar '21

Cindy in TX-(choc or parti-dk pigment)-Mar '21

Laura in SC-(choc & white)-Apr '21

​Alexus in GA-(dk choc/black)-Apr '21

Deposits for Males:


​KiShana in NV-(pending-dk choc)-Oct '19​​​​

​Brenda in TX-(Blk-open to girl)-Aug '20

Stephanie & Colin in TX-(dk color-no cream)-Oct '20

Gretchen in RI-(waiting-any solid color)-Nov '20

​Priscilena in TN-(Black or Cream)-Dec '20

​Tony in TX-(Dark color)-Mar '21

Cindy in IN-(small choc)-Mar '21

Zory in VA-(standard choc after Sept '21)-Mar '21

​Sunny in CA-(dk choc)-Mar '21

​​Puppies are estimated to be between 6-11 lbs. adult weight (depending on which litter.)

 This is not a guarantee, only an estimate based on the parent's & grandparent's weights & past litters.

See Planned Litters page for more details!

Contact Info:

Molly Bodenhamer

903-520-7659 (call or text)



Our Waiting List 

If you would like to place a $100 deposit to be on my waiting list for a Sunnybelle Shih Tzu puppy please call me.

Your deposit (according to deposit date) will place you in line for either male or female puppy.

If you would like to place a Deposit please CALL ME FIRST, then click on the page in the black title bar above that says 

"Contract & Warranty" 

**Read & Print out contract, Sign & Mail to us with your Deposit.**

  If you use PayPal to pay your deposit, you may print, sign, scan, & email contract to us.  We will then sign & email copy back to you for your records. 

Call me for Paypal instructions:​

REMEMBER TO TYPE IN $105 if using Paypal for the fee.  Thank you!